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Guideline For Contributors

Manuscript will be published two issues per year in this journal.


A self-singed declaration must be made by the neither author/s that research is neither copied nor published before.

Full Papers

The manuscript containing 10-12 typed pages with figures and tables along with properly cited references.

Short Communications

The manuscripts contain less than 5-6 typed pages including figures and tables.


One hard copy should be sent to Dr. Ramchandra, Editor in Chief, 24D/7B, Master Zaharul Hassan Road, Prayagraj (Allahabad) -211 002, U.P., India along with a soft copy in English language to be sent on

Titles and Subtitles

The first page of manuscript should contain the title (in sentence case), names of the author(s) and address of the laboratory/place where the work was conducted and address for correspondence.


It should be contained in 250 to 300 words without references along with Key Words contain important terminology of the subject under research.


It should be concised, to the point and may contain relevant review of literature. Materials and Methods: Manuscript should describe the study site, materials used, and experimental techniques followed. Only reference is required of well known methods.

Results: It should not be repeated in Discussion. To avoid this, these sections may preferably be combined this should be followed by Acknowledgement, if any. Illustrations (with their original aspect ratio) and tables should be adjusted in page size with their respective captions. The data presented in tables should not be repeated in figures.

References: Citation of reference in the text should be as Ramchandra and Rai (2018) or (Ramchandra and Rai, 2018) depending upon the construction of the sentence. In case of papers by more than two authors, et al. should be used with the name of first author. References should be of year 2018 or onwards and must be arranged alphabetically without numbering. Following models should be followed Papers: Ramchandra, Rai, A.K. and Suresh G. B. 2018. Production and marketing of guava in Kaushambi, district, Uttar Pradesh vol. 12: 15-18. Soft copy of published paper's abstract is always available on our website: Reprints can be ordered at cost price on prior payment at the time of acceptance of the paper. Order for reprints should be for a minimum of 40. It is presumed that the papers submitted to International Journal of Agriculture and Allied Sciences are not being concurrently or have not been formerly submitted to any other journal. The papers are published on the advice of referees. The publishers and Editors assume no responsibility for the views and statements of authors in their papers. As a part of publication policy, the first and second author of every accepted paper must subscribe to the journal. If the manuscript conforms to the above instructions, the paper is likely to be published within 6 months of the date of receipt. The annual subscription for the journals as given below may be sent by either D.D. Individuals Rs. 2500/- (India) $ 300 (abroad) Institutions/ Organizations/Libraries Rs. 2500/- (India) $ 3000 (abroad) Life Membership (Individuals) Rs.6000/- (India) $ 1000 (abroad) Life Membership Institutions/Organisations/Libraries Rs. 30000/- (India) $ 6000 (abroad) All correspondence and remittances should be addressed to : Dr. Ramchandra, Editor in Chief, 24D/7B, Master Zaharul Hassan Road, Prayagraj (Allahabad) -211 002, U.P., India Phone : + 91 9839094242, email: / For more details visit to